Peter Bruntnell was signed by Almo Sounds, who issued his debut album, Cannibal, in 1995. He recorded a second album for Almo, Camelot in Smithereens (1997), before moving to the Slow River label for his 1999 album Normal for Bridgwater. The album was highly recommended by VH1’s Bill Flanagan and by Rolling Stone’s John Luerssen, and helped to establish Bruntnell with American audiences. The album was recorded with the help of musicians from Son Volt, a band with whom he has toured regularly in the United States.

In 2013, Loose Music released Bruntnell’s Retrospective album, featuring music from all of his albums to date. The album was preceded by a single and accompanying video of a re-recording of the song “Played Out”, featuring Rumer.

Journey to the Sun (2021)

© 2021 Peter Bruntnell

King of Madrid (2019)

© 2019 Peter Bruntnell

Nos Da Comrade (2016)

© 2016 Peter Bruntnell

Retrospective (2013)

© 2013 Peter Bruntnell

Black Mountain UFO (2011)

© 2011 Peter Bruntnell

Peter and the Murder of Crows (2008)

© 2008 Peter Bruntnell

Ghost in a Spitfire (2005)

© 2005 Peter Bruntnell

Played Out (2004)

© 2004 Peter Bruntnell

Ends of the Earth (2003)

© 2003 Peter Bruntnell

Normal For Bridgwater (1999)

© 1999 Peter Bruntnell

Camelot in Smithereens (1997)

© 1997 Peter Bruntnell

Cannibal (1995)

© 1995 Peter Bruntnell