Peter Bruntnell


Peter Bruntnell

This autumn sees the release of Peter’s 12th album, Houdini & The Sucker Punch. Release date to be announced very soon. The album will be available on vinyl, CD and digital download.

Houdini & The Sucker Punch

Available to pre-order now from Domestico Records.

Peter Bruntnell - Houdini & The Sucker Punch

Signed vinyl LP – £25

UK Vinyl shipping: £5.10
European Vinyl shipping: £7.25
Worldwide (ROW) Vinyl shipping: £17.28

Signed CD – £10

UK CD shipping: £2.00
European CD shipping: £4.00
Worldwide (ROW) CD shipping: £5.00

Signed album art poster – £6

UK art poster shipping: £2.00
European art poster shipping: £4.00
Worldwide (ROW) art poster shipping: £5.00

Peter Bruntnell

“If we lived in a just world, Peter Bruntnell would by now be in the middle of his third or fourth global arena tour, his biggest worry working out how to courier his latest armful of Grammy awards back to the UK so his butler could have them installed in the west wing of mansion by the time he got home.”

Angus Batey – The Guardian